Surgery Update

This is from Lisa:

All went as expected last night-Thank You Lord! Rich is in a lot of pain but is being a trooper. When I came in this morning he was praying for our foster son’s court case this afternoon. So, true to form Rich had his mind on others and the Lord. He is finally starting to doze so the pain must be getting under control. Expecting the Dr soon. Thank you for your prayers.

So, that being said and God being who he is, let’s all give God a great big shout of praise!!! Woot, Woot!

As soon as we have information on the Dr.’s report, we will let you know. Keep praying and…

Press on!!!

9 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. Dear Rich and Lisa,
    Talked to Esther this evening and she filled us in. Wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers and that our small group at church is also praying. It is such a comfort to know that God is in control and the Great Physician. Hope you coninue to rest in the Lord.
    Love, John & Sharon

  2. Rich and Lisa,
    I love your true faith and the strength you are getting from God. You are both in my prayers and thank you for sharing this. I’ll add my team of prayer warriors to the mix.
    Praying for peace, joy and an extraordinary testimony of God’s goodness!

  3. Rich:

    We continue to stand with you in prayer. Keep abiding in the Word and watch the promises of our Lord Jesus be fulfilled through His resurrected life.

    We love you and stand with you.


  4. You are awesome hang in there we are praying. Lisa we are praying for your endurance and peace. God’s way is bigger than ours. Only he knows the plans he has for both of you. Love you guys.

  5. Rich and Lisa,

    Know that there are lots of prayers coming your way from S Tampa. We will keep you in our thoughts.

    Joe and Mary Gayle Wessel

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